Qlick helps you schedule meetings without long texts

Works in one click. No messaging on WhatsApp.
It's free. No credit card required.
Hey! Let's meet this week, when are you free?
Hey! Got time tomorrow :)
What time?
2:00 and 3:00 p.m., what's good for you?
I can't, I'm having lunch with my colleagues
No, unfortunately(
Then wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. Is that okay?
No... I'm working late on Wednesday :(

Clients can see available slots and schedule a meeting on their own. Once meeting is scheduled, you and your client receive a notification and meeting is added to your Google Calendar.

Client just provide email, no registration is required.

Your customers only need a link to sign up
They will see the available slots, choose a time and pay for the services.
You manage your schedule
Available time, required breaks between entries and cancellation rules.
And no more overlaps in your calendar
The available slots will be generated based on the events in your calendars.

Works with calendar, video conferencing services and other tools

Hold meetings on Skype, Zoom, Watsap or Telegram
After booking, a conference in Zoom will be automatically created. The client will see your number or receive a reminder to contact you on Skype, Watsap or Telegram.
Connect the Google calendar to display events
Meetings are automatically added to your calendar and your client's calendar. client.
Accept payments immediately after booking
Connect Yandex.Kassa, Tinkoff Payments or CloudPayments, to accept payments from your customers online.

Легко подключается куда угодно

Просто делитесь своей ссылкой для записи где угодно: в инстаграме, телеграме или любом другом месте.

Подходит не только для личного пользования, но и для бизнеса

Для эффективных продаж через демо и организации встреч внутри и вне компании
Распределение нагрузки между сотрудниками
Централизованная оплата

Basic features free of charge. Forever.

Works in one click. No messaging on WhatsApp.
It's free. No credit card required.